Friday, May 23, 2014

Dead Post!

Gosh! I can't believe myself did not update my blog for so long! Nu.....! I can't stop thinking about writing post! Well, the reason I stop update my blog is because many people feedback that my English grammar is very poor. I find it is hard to write a good English, but luckily the all the posts that I wrote before can be read and understand by you, thank you so much for putting a lot of effort reading my post!

I'm getting better in working at a new environment since last year, yup... LAST YEAR in 2013 =D Also went to Bangkok, Thailand to shopping! Went to Taipei, Taiwan to experience fireworks while new year eve! The most excite moment is... I was back to Seoul, Korea! Seriously! I'm going back there the 3rd time! Now I'm planing to go back to Seoul for the 4th, 5th 6th.... infinity times if my boss allow me to utilize holiday!

Now I'm suffering in decision making... Well I really looking for my another half which able to share the same interest with me, always make me smiles and uplift me. I always thinking, would there be anyone who always share with me photography sessions, play games with me, explore good food with me, enjoy coffee with me, travel with me, workout at gym with me, watch movie with me... At the moment, I can't find one... Its hard to find the 'him', isn't?

So I choose to stay single, and to be with my family and friends! Hopefully can find the 'him' soon! <3 br=""> I'm planing to go back to Seoul again this end of the year! If any of you are going, please don't mind to let me know. I will see if we can meet in this lovely country xD 


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