Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't know if consider today is a good day for me, however I was so happy before the dawn!
While on the way to my home sweet home after a tiring day in the evening 7pm...
I saw a rainbow, which isn't rare to see since my country known as a rain forest.
Rains will never away from this place like almost daily xD
So the rains made us rainbow~^.^

Today, rainbows made my day - Happy! lol
Awkward isn't? No body makes me happy but rainbows^.^
I saw a rainbow in the sky while I was enjoying the breezy air since it's raining after a hot day...
Without hesitation, I took out my iPhone and snapped the first photo.
I viewed my photo next and found that... It's double rainbows in the photo! O.O
Though it's a reflected from a wind screen of my car... >.>
Then I look at the sky again, doubly... Is that really a double rainbows? ...? o.O
My car moving forward while I'm doubting it, oh wow! =O
A double rainbows which I never seen in my life =D
I happily and can't wait to reach home~ XP
One of the rainbow is so huge and the other is darkening before I reach home.
I was like.. Oh jesus! Let me fly to home immediately with my car! lol

Finally I reached home! I intend to share this beautiful natural scenery with my friends then my snap photos mode activated xD
While I enjoying the scenery despite the rain is falling...
The rainbows like whispering at me to tell me to stop and try to be happy...
I was thinking while seeing the rainbow slowly covered by clouds and be gone in the sky....
I really need to be glad and be appreciate every seconds, every surrounding person, scenery...
Stop for a short while, take a look around... To enjoy the beautiful of the natural^.^
Sometime, I can't help myself to walk faster, move in speed, eats, works, talks... Not the god-speed-like but it's fast compare to other people around me...
This evening, the di-rainbows made me stopped O.o
Made me felt that I was missed out many good things around me... >.>
Regretting that I didn't use the time that I had to loves everyone around me... T.T
And the night falls...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I always think optimistically however... Sometime things just keep put you down again and again...
I was failed an assessment again today.
First thing, I was disappointed into myself because I didn't try my best after I looked back myself during doing the assessment.
Second, while my other assessment was segregate by leader to somebody, I heard a comment which was made me shocking!

"No no no! I don't want mark her assessment, it's a pain!"

Hell yeah, I admitted my handwriting isn't good and my explanation sucks >.>
Oh well, have to work harder! So... I continue to keep myself away from those negative comment, continued my day.
There it goes my day, finally in the evening I received a good news.
Which I got an offer by an employer, the pay is higher like 1.5 times from my current pay.
Next depressed comment that I heard while I share the so called good news to one of my sibling and I know my sibling's partner is looking for a vacancy...

"If you're interested let me know okay?" - My line =D

End up I got a reply from my sibling...

"Only that much of pay???" - =O

I, unconsciously move my way back into my room...

My godness! What a depressing day!

I realized it a long time ago, my income is nothing compare to my sibling however it's sad when I just happened to found my own sibling looked down at me.
I was embarrassed while I'm happily recommending the vacancy to the person who I wish to share the good thing with however...
._. however was put down by the person's partner a.k.a my sibling...
So tell me, how should I deal with this negative thoughts?
While I'm feeling happy is always the time my sibling to pull me down...

O.o my sibling???
I wonder... >.> I should stay alone inside my comfortable room instead though. >.<


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kuchiki Byakuya!

xD I love Kuchiki Byakuya! An epic awesome character in [Bleach] anime!
I made some siggies using him as render~

Sorry if my photoshop is epically phailed xD


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