Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm wondering...

There are numerous of time that "I'm wondering..." session~ lol
Or, there are some times that "What if..." though inside my mind as well 
It's fun to think about these two thoughts before bed time, but its a NO no because it makes you unable to sleep tight.

There are some people who always on my mind that I can't reach, yet I know where are they.

There are a few people who always shakes my feeling that I can't accept their feelings, yet I know I need them.
There are even no people who always know my weakness that I want to get rid of, yet I am looking for this person.

I believe, weakness will makes us stronger, but what if it is not? 

I'm wondering will there be any person able to be there for me when I'm weak.

I can't ask for more, because I got to accept the feelings that have been expressed to me and the price to pay is high...

I might not able to get what I always dream for, so I always think about what if... and I'm wondering...

There will be no person who will be able to understand me, but I know there will be a person who will be able to pats on my shoulder and say "Hey, you got me"

Time is running out.. I'm still wondering why am I choosing this path, and I'm wondering how my path would be... What if I'm going to another path... What if I choose to remaining in this path...

I'm looking for the one, who always and able to carry me around with the hug that can express the feeling of "Hey, you got me..."

I must be dreaming!

-The End-

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