Sunday, January 15, 2012

The January 2012 of Mine

Yes, now is in the mid of January.
From 1st to 15th I have went trough a lot... WTF only 15 days of the year 2012!
Serious! Omg, what I need to do is continue to fight!
Only 15 days - non working days = I HAD WORK FOR SO HARD AND YET HE IS ENJOYING HURTING ME!
If without my team mates and my manager, I would had gone from this very extremely good company and would have say bye to good people and say farewell to good customers.
Work, is always with stress and difficulties, challenges, people, socialism... This isn't hard because this is a must to be completed with an outstanding performance!
Now I'm struggling with people who oversensitive, never appreciate, enjoy plotting and badmouthing everything on what I did that he is suppose to lead me but instead he is destroying me...
15 days in January I'm still living in hell, barely climbing up from the level 18th hell to level 17th =.='
Dear father who is living in the heaven and GOD bless me please... I wanted to continue to fly with colors! I don't want to believe with him to destroy me would have so easily, I want to be brave and fight back!!!


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