Monday, September 24, 2012

No different!

I'm enduring it since the beginning of the year until now, no changes has been made! No improvement, no advancement, no increment, no betterment! I know that this is not what I want!
I appreciate it, treasure it, work it, hardship it but still unable to get rid of it!
Please! Don't label me! I'm just working to get my pay to live my life! When I work harder than what you pay to me, I didn't make any complaint! I try my very best to make it happen in a good result, but just because of my education background, just because of my admiration, just because of passion towards a person who were my mentor, you ruining my reputation and performance terribly with your horrible jealousy. Don't you myself got nothing to do but so free to let you torture?! Oh please! If you never change, this environment will be no different at all after you came for so long! I don't trust you anymore! Your actions has proved how good you are!

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